The Residence du Sporting: project on the Monte Carlo Bay site

Adjacent to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, the Sporting residence is one of the most prestigious hotel residences in Monaco.

It is one of the most prestigious addresses in Monaco. This luxury residence is in fact the perfect reflection of Monegasque elegance and its quiet, sophisticated and so typical Mediterranean lifestyle!

But it's not that rare in the Monegasque principality, so what makes this residence so famous? That's what we're going to see together right now!


What is the Sporting Residence?

Opened in 2006, this residence was quite a titanic project. To mention a few figures:

  • This residence was opened in 2006, and has been a huge success since its opening
  • It offers about 24 apartments
  • The dimensions vary between 70 and 370 square meters per apartment

This residence complex benefits from both luxury amenities and services (valet parking, swimming pool, private room, room service, laundry), but also a wide choice of restaurant, a performance hall (the Salle des Étoiles) ...

And even a casino!


  A prestigious location

As you have seen in the title of this article, in fact, the Sporting residence is nestled near the site of the Monte Carlo Bay hotel, which therefore makes it a strategic position. As a reminder, this hotel is world-famous, both for its prestigious clientele, but also for its charm and luxury.

It is a superb resort for those who want to be able to enjoy top-of-the-range facilities and gourmet restaurants.

Beyond this proximity, it should also be noted that Sporting has very privileged and almost direct access to the sea. Its residents can therefore dive into the Mediterranean at any time of the day.

It also allows you to attend the Monaco Grand Prix, or the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters tournament.


  A high standard of service

As you can imagine, it's also important to point out. The Sporting is a residence that has a very large label. Thus, the services offered are complete, of very high quality, and exclusive.

For example, we can think:

  • At the dedicated concierge service
  • Valet parking
  • Privileged access to equipment
  • Luxury facilities
  • To private spas, gyms...
  • To a quiet and very select community

Inevitably, the architecture of the residence itself is also of a very high quality, reminiscent of a very strong modernity! Its atmosphere is elegant and peaceful, so much so that you could think that it is a bubble completely out of time!

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