Renzo Piano's real estate project for Monaco

Would you like to discover Renzo Piano's new real estate project? Do you want to know what new building he built in Monaco?

Known for his architecture, Renzo Piano has already done many projects in Monaco, some more incredible than others.

Today, he returns to the Principality of Monaco to build on the extension of the bay of Monaco: the Renzo.

The Renzo in the heart of the new Mareterra district

Renzo Piano, famous architect, has just made people talk about him again, thanks to his brand new construction project for a building: Le Renzo, on the bay of Monaco.

The building, which floats on the sea, will have an area of 35,000 m2, could bring together nearly 50 apartments, also called housing units.

Also, in addition to building fully accessible to the public located on the eighth Monegasque polder, Renzo Piano is during a construction project a commercial square, with restaurants and shops.

A new excess thanks to economic growth

This construction project of Mareterra, and therefore of Renzo, would not be possible without the economic growth of the principality.

With this also comes an increase in the demands of residents, who are now looking for apartments with open plans, outdoor spaces and luxurious amenities.

With a price of around €100,000 per square meter, you would think that this would scare away potential buyers, but in reality it is quite the opposite. You just have to pass through the streets of Monaco to see that cranes are omnipresent in the landscape.

Exceed the limits of the environment

Architecture always reacts to the limits of the environment it serves. Few challenges are as great as access to the waterfront in Monaco. Mareterra could easily have reserved this portion of space for the more affluent, but the prince decided otherwise.

We all know that access to the seafront in Monaco is very difficult, especially for a project of this scale. But Prince Albert II decided, with Renzo Piano, to go beyond these limits.

There is a real aspect of sustainable development behind this investment and this construction. Indeed, Albert II declared that he wanted to "meet the needs in terms of real estate in Monaco while respecting the environment in which it is located".

The Monarchy of Monaco therefore did not make this choice with a single economic goal behind it. The environmental aspect is essential, and the challenge here is to reserve the most beautiful portion of the land for the public.

The city-state is concerned about its population, while wishing to attract a new clientele investing in this type of prestigious property.


Architecture of the Renzo

Resembling a fragmented vessel, the Renzo is a building in the heart of the new Mareterra Square, which uses the surrounding elements, such as water, air, lights to celebrate this square, which plays and has always played in Mediterranean life.

The Renzo also has a swimming pool of 20 meters by 16, reserved here for the owners of the Renzo, which is self-supplied with filtered sea water and renewed every day.

The public space allows residents and tourists to enjoy a sumptuous green space, with a great diversity of cultures.

→ With an appearance made of off-white ceramics and steel frames with light gray balconies and brise-soleil, Renzo Piano's new building has everything to seduce new buyers and seduce Monégasques, both for its beauty and for its originality.

Luxurious apartments

There are, to be precise, 47 luxury apartments in the heart of Renzo. The surface is 350 m2 minimum, and the average in terms of surface area is 47 m2.

With their large bay windows, the apartments have a very good luminosity, with in addition an exceptional sea view.

There are also large terraces, to be able to fully enjoy the Mediterranean sun.

The apartments are separated into two buildings, one being called QPC 1 and the other QCP 2. The building is made of a concrete and steel composition.

The two parts of the building also have an incredible aesthetic, with aluminum sheet cladding to complement the glazed surfaces.

Renzo Piano is also very strong because he even created two vertical “flaws” on the height so that people outside can look inside the building at the large transparent stairs.

Structure of the Renzo

To give you an idea of the dimensions, the Le Renzo building is 60 meters high and has 18 floors.

Building ecology and economy

There are lightweight photovoltaic cell supports on the roof of the building, as well as pergolas and two slender fiberglass poles.

The Renzo is a building that consumes little energy, with the objective of achieving an energy consumption of less than 15 kWh per square meter. It is also intended to be made up of at least 40% renewable energy.

→ The Renzo aims to be rated “Excellent” on the BREEAM rating.


The Renzo in the heart of Mareterra Square

Place Mareterra is the huge new eco-district of Monaco, located between Grimaldi Forum and the tunnel of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo hotel. The district will be installed is built entirely on the sea. The construction works will normally be completed in 2025.

Within this district, there will be no cars allowed. It will be an exclusively pedestrian route, with luxury facilities, such as the Le Renzo building, but also an underground car park, a 30-space marina, footbridges and paths along the coast...

With this huge investment, Prince Albert II hopes to enable the development of new eco-districts around the world, especially in the maritime environment.

So much for Renzo Piano's real estate project

That’s it, we have come to the end of the article!

You were able to find out more about the Le Renzo building, Renzo Piano's new real estate project.

You also know now that despite a development on the bay, it does not damage nature, because Prince Albert II and Renzo Piano are seeking to develop a project that is part of sustainable development.

Thus, it is perhaps you who will reside in the future in one of its future accommodations.

Anyway, the area of Monaco is a sector of the future in terms of real estate investments or to live there.

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