Fontvieille 2027

Fontvieille: a new shopping center for 2027

The Fontvieille shopping center is in the process of being completely refurbished. The project, in addition to its objective of revitalizing this district of Monaco, includes cultural and environmental issues. The architect, Massimiliano Fuksas, imagined a contemporary space whose new face should be discovered in early 2027.


An ambitious project for 2027

With an estimated cost of 300 million euros, the new Fontvieille shopping center represents a major project for the principality. Its architecture, refined and modern, will extend over 5 levels. The construction provides for the massive use of glass to bring transparency and lightness to the building. To be part of a sustainable approach, this place will also contain abundant green spaces.

Located in the heart of the economic district of Monaco, above a marina, it should include shops, but also offices and housing. The objective is that it can be integrated into the daily life of Monegasques, and offer an attractive center for residents as well as for inhabitants of border countries.


Monaco honored in the new shopping center

The Fuksas studio, in charge of the project, assigns each floor a color evoking Monaco and the surrounding landscapes.

The project will integrate:

- red on the ground floor, like the tiles of old Monaco;

- blue on the 1st floor to recall the sea;

- a lavender color on the 2nd floor, typical flower of the South;

- the 3rd floor will be ochre, reminiscent of the surrounding facades;

- the gray on the top floor will evoke the cliffs of the Riviera.


A modernized and enlarged commercial space

If version 2 of the Fontvieille shopping center will present an almost futuristic architecture, its surface will also be doubled. In the future, it will account for 30,000 m² of retail space. 80 commercial lots will be offered: exclusive international brands should integrate the future premises and allow the development of the product offer. Leisure will also have its place in the project: a 4-screen multiplex cinema and a 2-hectare wooded park will be created.

Fontvieille will also be a living space where 40 housing units will be built. These will be state housing, falling within the domain of the State. Given the expansion of the space, more parking lots are planned in the basement of the shopping center. They should reach 1,200 places, against 600 currently. Finally, the construction of a gondola linking the Exotic Garden, Fontvieille and the Rock is under study. The objective would be to lighten the Monegasque roads.


The environment at the heart of the project

Environmental protection and sustainable development are major concerns for Prince Albert II. These values ​​are reflected in the project for the new shopping center in Fontvieille. Indeed, vegetation will have a prominent place, with nearly 2,000 trees planted; the environmental approach also concerns businesses, in particular their products.

The construction will be focused on limited energy needs and carbon footprint in order to respect the project's desire for sustainability. Logically, the Socri Reim group in charge of the works will promote the use of ecological materials. A natural ventilation system, photovoltaic panels, but also rainwater recovery tanks, will support the environmental approach of the Fontvieille project.


Bringing a new dynamic to the Fontvieille district, improving services and the commercial offer in Monaco, while reconciling sustainable development are the objectives of this major project. 3 years of work will be necessary to complete this metamorphosis.