The Larvotto, a luxury district of Monaco

Created by the principality, the Larvotto district is one of the most popular in Monaco. It enjoys an exceptional location in the city, offering both direct access to the sea and immediate proximity to the city center. With its recent renovation, this beachfront site has become even more attractive to residents and visitors alike. Facing the waterfront, the luxury and modernity of Larvotto make it one of the most emblematic sites of the city-state.

Larvotto, a prestigious seaside district

This pleasant part of Monaco is frequented by locals as well as tourists from all over the world. Real estate for sale in this area is rare and therefore particularly sought after. The rental market is very active, with a constant demand for luxury residences. A large number of rental residences and prestigious buildings such as the 21 Princesse-Grace or the Palais de la Plage make up the Larvotto district. The few residents live in luxury residences where the prestigious apartments enjoy a splendid view of the sea. The prices of housing facing the seafront, Avenue Princesse-Grace, are already between €50,000 and €80,000 per square metre. These prices could soon soar due to a better quality of life and a commercial dynamic that is more focused on the year, and no longer on the summer season.


An exclusive living environment

The Larvotto district is known for its exclusive living environment and its high-end amenities. Residents and visitors can enjoy private beaches, beach clubs, gourmet restaurants and luxury boutiques. Larvotto is also renowned for its secure atmosphere and quiet environment, despite its proximity to the bustling centre of Monaco. Families, couples and retirees find a haven of peace with all the necessary amenities at their fingertips.


A beach with its feet in the sand

The Larvotto is also known as the "beach area". With your feet in the sand, the azure lagoon gives an air of paradise and vacation to this seaside resort. To the east of Monaco, on the border with Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, this unique beach consists of two coves and extends over 14,000 m². The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches attract both residents and tourists, providing an ideal place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun. This public beach is bordered by a promenade that allows you to walk in peace while enjoying the view of the sea.


Activities and leisure

The Larvotto offers a multitude of activities and leisure activities for all ages. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in sailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, and many other water activities. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, the neighborhood offers plenty of opportunities for jogging, cycling, and walks along the waterfront promenade. Sports facilities, such as beach volleyball courts and gyms, add to the attractiveness of this vibrant area. In addition, the Japanese garden, located nearby, offers a Zen green setting in the heart of the district, with its ponds, bridges and exotic plantations.


A modernised seaside resort

After several months of renovation and modernization, the Larvotto seaside resort reopened its doors at the beginning of July 2021. 4,800 m² of new premises have been created for traders in the seaside resort. The public beach has been given a new lease of life thanks to modern and functional facilities. The creation of breakwaters and other facilities were part of the project to protect the beach from erosion. The renovation of the Larvotto district is above all oriented towards the reconquest of public space. A cycle path, playground and shaded areas thanks to the planting of trees have been added to the site with the aim of expanding the collective spaces and making them more attractive and qualitative.


Architectural transformation

The restructuring of the district should further increase its score. The new buildings incorporate sustainable technologies and modern architectural designs, creating a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Residences like 21 Princesse-Grace are examples of contemporary architecture mixed with superior materials, providing their residents with elegant and comfortable living spaces. Spacious balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and high-end finishes are common features of these prestigious buildings.


A project in continuity

With the remodelling of the Monegasque coastline, the Larvotto became a real place to live, designed to fit into the architectural landscape of the principality. The 2021 version of the district is a continuation of the work to extend Monaco by the sea, such as the long-awaited Mareterra eco-district. This ambitious project aims to offer ecological living spaces, while respecting the natural environment of the region. The nearby Mareterra eco-district covers 6 hectares and includes residences, offices, shops, cultural spaces and green areas, all designed according to sustainable development principles. Mareterra is intended to become a model of responsible urban development, integrating innovative solutions for energy, water and waste management.


Future prospects

The future of Larvotto looks promising with ongoing projects that will further strengthen its attractiveness. Improving infrastructure, creating new public spaces and increasing amenities are among the initiatives planned for the coming years. The district will continue to attract an international clientele, looking for luxury, comfort and quality of life. Investors also see Larvotto as a unique opportunity, given the growing demand and prospects for real estate valuation.


A neighbourhood integrated into Monegasque life

Larvotto is much more than just a residential or tourist area. It is a place of meeting and conviviality for the inhabitants of Monaco. Cultural events, festivals and sporting events are frequent, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere. Beachfront cafes, restaurants offering international cuisine, and designer boutiques add to the excitement of the neighborhood. In addition, the proximity to prestigious institutions such as the Grimaldi Forum, a conference and exhibition centre, reinforces the attractiveness of Larvotto for professional visitors and cultural tourists.



The Larvotto district is much more than just a seaside destination. It is a symbol of Monegasque elegance and refinement, a place where modernity and tradition meet, offering an exceptional living environment to its residents and visitors. Whether you want to live, invest or simply spend time there, the Larvotto represents a unique experience in the heart of the Principality of Monaco. Its constant evolution and future plans make it one of the most promising and sought-after areas in the region, ensuring its inhabitants an unparalleled quality of life.