Being a resident in Monaco: what steps?

Moving to Monaco requires meeting certain conditions. This is particularly the case for anyone from the age of 16, if they wish to reside in the Principality for more than 3 months per year. Find out which documents are required for taking up residence in Monaco.

The resident card: an obligation to establish residence in Monaco

People who are not of Monegasque nationality must have a resident card to establish their residence in the Principality. It is necessary to prove a domicile and a certain income. Morality inquiries can be carried out by the authorities, from the first request, or when renewing the various resident cards.

To be considered a resident, you must stay in Monaco as your main occupation, that is to say at least 183 days per year. Public Security agents are dispatched to ensure this.

Documents to provide for taking up residence in Monaco

Establishing residence in Monaco requires a number of documents and mandatory information to be presented to the authorities.

In particular, it is necessary to provide:

- civil status documents (birth or marriage certificate);

- a housing certificate (deed of ownership, rental lease, or accommodation certificate): the size of the accommodation must correspond to the needs of the household;

- the application form for the resident card;

- proof of sufficient income: this may be payslips, a company's balance sheet, a bank certificate proving sufficient savings, etc.

- an extract from the criminal record justifying good character, or an equivalent of this document from the last 2 countries of residence for the 5 years preceding arrival in Monaco;

Prior to the meeting with the inspector who will examine the application, nationals of member countries of the European Economic Area must also present a national identity card or a valid passport to the Public Security.

For non-European citizens, it is necessary to reside on French territory for more than a year and to request the transfer of residence to the French embassy. In other cases, the French authorities can issue an establishment visa in Monaco to present to the Public Security. You must then contact the French consulate in your country of residence to make the request.

The different resident cards

There are 4 types of resident cards issued according to the conditions fulfilled by the applicant:

The "temporary" resident card

It is issued for a period of 1 year to foreigners meeting the conditions set out in the Ordinance1 relating to the conditions of entry and stay of foreigners in the Principality.

The "ordinary" resident card

It is granted to people who have resided in Monaco for at least 3 years, and is valid for a period of 3 years.

The "privileged" resident card

This card, valid for 10 years, is issued to people who have resided in the Principality for at least 10 years.

The “spouse of Monegasque” resident card

Foreigners married to a person of Monegasque nationality can obtain this resident card for a period of 5 years, provided that the spouse has himself been a resident of Monaco for at least 1 year.

The Principality of Monaco is a territory that has a lot to offer, which makes the resident card particularly desirable. The establishment of the residence is therefore subject to conditions, in order to preserve the place and the pleasant atmosphere that reigns there.

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