Carré d'Or in Monaco: History and Investments

Want to know more about the Golden Square district in Monaco? Would you like to know the history of Monte-Carlo? Read this article !


Exceptional district: zoom on Monte-Carlo le Carré d'or

Monaco's most famous district, you have a lot to learn about the Carré d'Or, also called Monte-Carlo.Its history, as well as its place today in luxury at the global level make it today a renowned district, which is however little known by tourists and investors.


Carré d'or: Monaco's most famous district

The Carré d'Or district is the most famous in the Monegasque state.  And for good reason, it is in this district that the most beautiful jewels of the Principality of Monaco are located. You will already find the Place du Casino de Monte Carlo, which is surrounded by many renowned palaces such as the Hotel de Paris or the Hermitage.

You can also find in the same neighborhood boutiques of luxury houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and many others. There are also great jewelers such as Cartier or Chopard present in the neighborhood.

The Carré d'Or district is also particularly known for its architecture, with residences such as the Monte-Carlo Star or the Montaigne with sumptuous architecture.  You can also admire the works of art by Adriano Ribolzi or those of Gismondi Pastor.

There is also the very famous Villa Sauber which is one of the most important monuments of Monaco, previously belonging to the Blanc family but now by the principality. Villa Sauber has now become the National Museum of Monaco, and is therefore open to visitors to the general public.


History of the Golden Square

The Carré d'Or, or the Monte-Carlo district, is a historic district of Monaco. The origins of the name of the district: Monte-Carlo, comes from "Munte Carlu", which means Mont-Charles, on which is built the district of the Carré d'Or.     The popularity of the neighborhood comes largely thanks to one man: François Blanc.  This man, who was very involved all his life in the development of the principality of Monaco, created the Société des bains de Mer in 1863.

It is thanks to his company that the Place du Casino will be born, with the Casino de Monte-Carlo that Prince Charles III had built in 1856. There is also the Hotel de Paris and the Café de Paris.  He also participated in the creation of the very famous Opéra Garnier, which hosts a remarkable program.

The development, in the mid-nineteenth century, allowed this district, which was previously a deserted and lifeless space on a hill, to become one of the highest places of luxury in the space of a few years and recognized throughout the world.

As explained earlier in the article, we find luxury designer shops, jewelers, but also starred restaurants. We have as starred restaurants the Vistamar or the Louis XV, run by Alain Ducasse.  There is also the presence of festive restaurants, such as the Rampoldi or the Fairmont Hotel, which is located on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, on the hairpin bend.


The Golden Square in 2023

The Golden Square is today one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world, especially thanks to the fact that it is a luxury hotspot in the world. This district must also offer its residents luxurious homes, with the best possible quality of service.  

This is why many residences in the Monte-Carlo district, and more generally in Monaco, offer swimming pools, gyms, spas, hammams... concierge services open every day and at any time, secure car parks and many other services in order to remain competitive for the holidays. esidents.

With all these services and this luxurious quality of life, residents feel at the heart of the Carré d'Or's international vision and also actively participate in this global influence.


Real estate in the Carré d'Or district

Real estate is very important in the Carré d'Or district for the Principality of Monaco. There are many apartments for sale and rent in the Carré d'or district, whether within the residence of the Metropole, Petite Afrique or One Monte Carlo.

We also have other modern residences looking for new residents, such as the Monte-Carlo Star, the Mirabeau, the Park Palace or the Sun Tower. These residences enjoy a remarkable view of the sea, but also of Port Hercules and the Monaco Yacht Club.

It is also necessary to take into account the price of real estate in Monaco to know where to invest and how in the Golden Square because the price varies between 50,000 and 70,000 € / m2, with peaks sometimes at 100,000 € / m2. In 2022, the price of an average square meter in the Principality exceeded €50,000, reaching €52,000. This historic figure is a record for Monaco.


Monte-Carlo: Monaco's exceptional district


We come to the end of this article, where you were able to learn more about the history of the Golden Square district of Monaco.

You have learned in particular that it has become in a few years one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the world and that this was made possible thanks to Mr. Blanc, who was also the former owner of the villa Sauber.

The lust of the district, its attractiveness and its reputation worldwide make it one of the most popular neighborhoods for investors, who are always looking to invest in this neighborhood that continues to grow year after year.