All you need to know about the certificate of residence in Monaco

You may be asked if you plan to carry out certain procedures in the Principality of Monaco. Application for social benefits, creation of a commercial company, residential lease, etc. : the certificate of residence in Monaco is an essential part. To understand everything, we present it to you in 5 questions.

1 - What is a certificate of residence in Monaco?

This is a document attesting to the actual residence of a person in the territory of the Principality of Monaco. This certificate is issued to Monegasque residents by the Monaco Police Residents Section service. It is valid for 6 months.

2 - What is the purpose of a certificate of residence in Monaco?

Sovereign Order n ° 8,372 of 11/26/2020 introduced a distinction. It is now necessary to differentiate between the certificate drawn up for the purposes of administrative formalities and that drawn up for the purposes of tax formalities.

The first is required to complete certain Monegasque administrative formalities, such as, for example, claiming certain social benefits.

The second falls within the framework of tax regulations established under the applicable regulations under the OECD standard. These regulations provide for an exchange of information between partner countries for the purposes of combating tax evasion.

3 - Benefit from a certificate of residence in Monaco: what conditions?

To claim a certificate of residence in Monaco, a person of foreign nationality must prove that he or she holds a valid residence permit. It also certifies on honor the presence of its main place of stay, or of its home, on the territory of the Principality. Otherwise, the main center of its activities should be there, subject to bilateral agreements. She must also justify that she occupies accommodation in Monaco.

The Ordinance of 26/11/2020 defined the notion of main or usual place of stay. This is where the person has lived for more than 183 days per year. A stay of at least 183 days per year may be taken, if it remains longer than that spent in all other countries. The main center of its activities corresponds to the place where the applicant has made its main investments. It can also be the place where the person has the head office or the effective management of his affairs, that is, the address from which he administers his property.

People who have been living in Monaco for less than 6 months will need to justify an exemption in order to obtain a residence certificate. For these people, as for all those wishing to reside in the Principality for more than 3 months per year, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit from the Monegasque authorities. This is provided for in the Franco-Monegasque Neighborhood Agreement of May 18, 1963 and Ordinance No. 3.153 of March 19, 1964 relating to the conditions of entry and stay of foreigners in the Principality. No visa is required for nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA).

4 - Certificate of residence in Monaco: what supporting documents?

For this process, the following documents must be provided:

● Certificate of honor, signed by the applicant;
● Last energy consumption bill;
● Proof of income adapted to your situation (bank document of at least one month, last payslip, recent certificate of support by another resident, etc.).

5 - How to apply for a certificate of residence in Monaco?

It is carried out online via the teleservice of the Public Service of the Prince's Government website.

You can then collect your residence certificate from the Residents Section. This withdrawal is made by appointment.


The certificate of residence in Monaco is an essential document for carrying out certain administrative or tax procedures in the Principality. The Sovereign Ordinance of 11/26/2020 clarified the framework of this certificate, tending towards an extension of the conditions of issue.

3 key points to remember

● Distinction of the residence certificate for administrative or fiscal formalities;
● Recent developments with Sovereign Order No. 8,372 of November 26, 2020;
● Formalities to be carried out online via a dedicated teleservice.


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