The famous Casino Square restaurant newly renovated


An essential place in the Principality, Le Café de Paris has recently begun a new transformation. This change is organized under the leadership of Alexandre Giraldi and Alain-Charles Perrot, two great architects.


The story of the iconic Café de Paris

Founded in 1868, and originally called Café Divan, the mythical Café de Paris took its name a few years later, in 1882. Until 1930, it was transformed several times. At that time, it had an Art Deco style until 1988 when it was renovated in the Belle Époque style of the 1900s.

The Café de Paris then took on the appearance of a former Parisian bistro. Lampshades, old stained glass windows, sofas and armchairs give it a cozy atmosphere. The terrace, a place of reunion, is still just as popular with customers. From now on, the building has a mixed architecture following these transformations.


An extension of the surface of this legendary establishment in Monte-Carlo

34 years after its last metamorphosis, Le Café de Paris is reinventing itself once again. For this metamorphosis, the Société des Bains de Mer has provided an envelope of 40 million euros1. The new Café de Paris was designed by 2 great architects: the Frenchman Alain-Charles Perrot, chief architect of historical monuments, and Alexandre Giraldi, a renowned Monegasque architect. If the interior decoration is getting a makeover, the project aims to preserve the spirit of the place. Thus, some of the elements of the Brasserie should be reintegrated into the new location.

This transformation aims to save space. Indeed, the Café de Paris previously had 10,000 m² of floor space. An extension of the Brasserie on the ground floor and on the 1st floor, including a 280 m² terrace, will provide additional space. With an extension planned on the 2nd floor, the place will reach an area of ​​13,000 m².


A new concept with the installation of Amazónico on the roof of the Café de Paris

After its transformation, the Café de Paris will also host Amazónico². After having settled in Madrid, London and Dubai, this Brazilian-Latin concept will take place on the top floor of the building. The surface, increased to 400 m², will welcome customers in a green environment decorated with natural materials, reminiscent of Brazil. Amazónico will open on a 1,000 m² rooftop. The atmosphere on the 2nd floor will be festive, with in particular a discotheque, the Speakeasy. The concept will also include a jazz bar serving cocktails, a meat corner, a sushi bar and a brasserie.

Finally, the transformation of the Café de Paris will include the creation of several luxury boutiques on the Allée François Blanc. A space of nearly 800 m² will thus be reserved for major retailers. This mythical place in Monaco should reopen its doors at the end of June 2023.


The development of the Café de Paris in Monte-Carlo is part of the Société des Bains de Mer's restaurant strategy. Thus, by opting for an ambitious revisit of this theater of Monegasque life, the principality once again stands out as a reference in the world of luxury.